Upcoming IPMS

The 23rd edition of the International Programme on the Management of Sustainability (IPMS) will take place from 12 to 19 June 2016 in the Netherlands, at Hotel Bergse Bossen in Driebergen.

Fees and sponsoring
The Programme fee for the the 2016 class is set on € 6.300. This includes attendance, course materials, accommodation, meals, social events and outings. It does not include travel expenses to and from the Netherlands.

Financial assistance is available from a number of sponsoring organizations. In some cases the Foundation asks participants to submit individual requests to the sponsors. All participants must pay at least a small part of the fee to pay for their meals and lodgings (approx. 1.200 Euro).

For further information please contact us at the addresses below or download our preliminary programme.  You can also download the application form.

For more information about the program you can download the brochure and/or the leaflet.

The foundation is looking for sponsors to help us to give people from developing countries the chance to attend IPMS.  If you are interested in offering (a) partial or full scholarship(s),  we kindly ask you to fill out the Sponsor Committment Form.

Sustainability Challenge Foundation, SCF Secretariat
TIAS School for Business and Society, Globus
Attention Ms. Viv Mestdagh - International Program Manager SCF 
P.O. Box 90153
NL - 5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands
T +31 13 466 8710
F +31 13 466 8711

US Liaison Office

Consensus Building Institute (CBI)
Dr David Fairman
238 Main Street, Suite 400
Cambridge, MA 02142
T +1 617 492 1414
F +1 617 492 1919
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Very succesful IPMS 2015
From 7 to 14 June 2015 30 participants (from 15 different countries) and 11 faculty team members (from 8 different countries) gathered at Hotel Bergse Bossen in Driebergen for the 22nd edition of the International Programme on the Management of Sustainability (IPMS).