Our Faculty

IPMS faculty are making a difference in the world

The core faculty of IPMS includes some of the world’s best-respected, most-engaged, lecturers in the world - ground-breaking thinkers who are experts in the field of sustainable development, consensus building, and diplomacy.

You will learn from a group of core lecturers who are known for acting in the world (and not just lecturing about it). They are practitioners working on the forefront of global and sustainable development.

Biography of David Fairman (USA)
Managing Director at the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Associate Director of the MIT-Hardvard Public Disputes Programme & Lecturer in MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning.
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Biography of Mieke van der Wansem (USA)
Associate Director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy (CIERP) at The Fletcher School, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA
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Biography of Bas Arts (The Netherlands)

Professor at the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group at Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen, The Netherlands
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Biography of Ida Koppen (NL/Italy)
Director of Sustainable Development Strategies, Geneva, Switzerland
Vice-President of SCF
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Biography of Adil Najam (Pakistan)
Inaugural Dean, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies; Professor of International Relations
and Earth & Environment, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Biography of William (Bill) Moomaw (USA)
Professor Emeritus of International Environmental Policy
at the Fletcher School, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA.
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Biography of Barbara Oliveira (Brazil)
Director at Ecosynergy, Facilitation and Capacity Building on Sustainability, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Biography of Alexandru Stratulat (Moldova)
Human Rights Adviser, Human Rights Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova
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Biography of Natalia Tarasova (Russia)
Professor and Director of the Institute of Chemistry and Problems of Sustainable Development of the Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia
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Biography of Steven de Bie (The Netherlands)
Director of Conservation Consultancy Steven de Bie, Partner of De Gemeynt, Klarenbeek, The Netherlands & Associate Professor in Sustainable Use of Living Resources at Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands
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Biography of Anne Geurts
(The Netherlands)
Management Consultant at Twynstra Gudde
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Biography of Nanda Gilden
(The Netherlands)
Director of Alcedo Consultancy, Partner of De Gemeynt Cooperative, Klarenbeek, The Netherlands
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Biography of Patrick Karani
Founder, CEO & Researcher at BEA International, Nairobi, Kenya
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Biography of Martijn Koobs (The Netherlands)
MGA Process Manager at Province of Noord-Brabant, 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
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Biography of Reinoud Post (The Netherlands)
Technical Secretary Development Cooperation at Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
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Biography of Huub Schrijver (The Netherlands)
Owner at Schrijver Consensus, Driebergen, The Netherlands
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