SCF Organs and Sponsors
The Sustainability Challenge Foundation is a small organization that operates predominantly as a network among professionals. In order to build, expand and maintain the network, it relies on a number of key figures in the world that have played an important role in environmental protection and sustainable development during the last two decades. Whereas the Board of the Foundation is responsible for day-to-day management decisions, Advisory Council members are consulted about long-term strategic issues. The expanding number of SCF sponsors is the Foundation's life support system without which none of the activities could take place!

SCF Board
The SCF Board meets several times a year, in person and "virtually", to decide upon all the strategic and financial aspects of the Foundation's activities.

SCF Chair
Professor Pieter Winsemius held a chair in the Management of Sustainable Development at Tilburg University from 1999-2012.  The chair was installed by the Sustainability Challenge Foundation.

SCF Secretariat
The organizational matters are delegated to the SCF secretariat.  The secretariat is based in The Netherlands at Tilburg University.

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