The Sustainability Challenge Foundation offers Regional Programmes (RPMS) in response to requests from past participants, foundation sponsors, and their colleagues in national, regional and international organizations interested in improving the theory and practice of management for sustainable development.

Like the Sustainability Challenge Foundation's International Programme on the Management of Sustainability (IPMS), its regional programs (RPMS) are designed to give participants practical skills in building consensus among stakeholders with diverse economic, environmental and social interests, needs and values. RPMS uses SCF's core teaching principles and methods:

  • Bringing together participants from government, business and voluntary organizations that seek a variety of economic, environmental and social goals;
  • Presenting management for sustainable development as a process of consensus building that demands both negotiation and joint analysis;
  • Building participants' negotiation and management skills using realistic simulations that give participants opportunities for practice and skill assessment;
  • Helping participants find ways to integrate what they have learned and practiced into their professional work, using participant-faculty collaborative workshops;
  • Providing participants with ongoing support and advice, through the foundation's faculty and staff and through an internet-accessible network of program alumni.

The topics, participants, curriculum and faculty for RPMS are selected jointly by the foundation and the regional organization(s) responsible for developing the program. Regional organizations take the lead in raising funds and managing logistics for RPMS, with support of SCF staff.

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